TOWARDS A DRAFT July 4, 2007
Working Title 2: Connected becomes active "ConnectingING"

Learning Through Participation and Connecting Intelligence:

Adapting Organisations to Maximise Potential Benefits

Co-creating an article for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework's The Knowledge Tree, an e-Journal of Learning Innovation KM via email 7.4.7

When do we benefit from collecting or connecting our knowledge?

1. When diverse ways of thinking come together and there is room to
hear and integrate.
2. When that knowledge is connected/combined to create new knowledge
in the form of solutions to gnarly problems or innovation
3. When an existing solution can be migrated and applied to another
situation (whether it looks relevant or no) so the wheel doesn't
have to be recreated.

When do we not?

1. When there is so much knowledge and no specific need to filter
and focus it
2. When everyone at the table comes from the same
background/school/discipline so there is nothing new added
3. When voices are eclipsed by power and positionality
4. When the complexity of the minds in the "room" are not equal to
extending but can only look at stringing together or combining.