2010-01-31 Resources for KIN Twitter Webinar

What do KM folks need to know about Twitter and the tool at work?
TwitterKM assembles resources and thinking to address that question?

2009-11-11 Capturing Resources for KIN Workshop Presentation December 2


See Collective Intelligence Crowdsourcing Prediction Markets Key References

Connected Intelligence Wiki Background and Resources

This wiki began March 2007 to support Jenny Ambrozek, Victoria Axelrod and Kiki Mulliner collaborating on the Learning Through Participation and Connecting Intelligence article published in the Australian Flexible Learning Framework's The Knowledge Tree, e-Journal of Learning Innovation August 6, 2007.

Victoria Axelrod and Jenny Ambrozek turned to the wiki again while co-authoring the Inside Knowledge article: "Prediction Markets: Co-creating an organization's future" scheduled for the March 2008 edition.
Our "Connecting Intelligence" article had referenced prediction markets, specifically Google's use. The Prediction Markets Masterclass Inside Knowledge dug deeper.

Current use is assembling ideas and resources for a context presentation on "Collective Intelligence" for the University of Warwick's Knowledge Innovation Network December 2 Workshop presentation on Prediction and Knowledge Markets

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Jenny Ambrozek & Victoria G. Axelrod

Participants and Contributors

Jenny Ambrozek
Victoria Axelrod
Kiki Mulliner
Editor: Jo Murray (editor of The Knowledge Tree)
Tish Grier reporting learning from the Assignment Zero, Wired, collaborative writing project
Dave Hawthorne thinking about "innovation" and social structures
Sus Nyrop Any insights from your Danish vantage point welcome.
Jack Vinson.. Are there lessons from AOK Discussions that are relevant here?
Marco Camisani Calzolari List of collaborative tools

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