The authors thank the following contributors who helped evolve our thinking either directly (by posting to the wiki) or in multi channel (email, phone, blog, Facebook and face-to-face), exchanges during the writing process:

Patti Anklam, Mark Bonchek, Scott Bird, Robyn Ciuro, Shawn Callahan, Michael Clark, Chris Carfi, Marco Camisani Calzolar, Tracy Cox, Steve Denning, Tish Grier, David Hawthorne, Anders Hemre, Bruce Hoppe, Jeffrey Keefer, Robert Laubacher, Sue Mandley,Jonathon Levy, Sus Nyrop, John D. Smith, Andrew Snider, Bronwyn Stuckey, Jack Vinson, Simon Wardley, Nancy Whiteand Jim Jim|Wilde. .

Special thanks to Knowledge Tree editor Jo Murray who pushed us to explain and justify what we "know" from a combined 75 years industry experience.

~ Jenny Ambrozek, Victoria Axelrod & Kiki Mulliner

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