Abstract submitted July 8, 2007

"Learning Through Participation and Connected Intelligence:
Adapting Organisations to Maximise Potential Benefits
Co-creating an article for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework's //The Knowledge Tree//, an e-Journal of Learning Innovation

Jenny Ambrozek, Victoria Axelrod and Kiki Mulliner

//This exploration begins at Xerox Parc in 1973, with Bob Metcalfe inventing Ethernet, a computer networking protocol destined, through ultimately connecting computers and people globally, to transform work, learning and organizations. Speaking more than three decades later at MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence, Metcalfe turned his attention to “connected intelligence”, and inspired this article. What is “connected intelligence”? What is the impact on learning in organizations? What value does it contribute? And what must organizations do to maximize the potential? All those questions are investigated. In addition, the process used to create this article involved a “connected intelligence” experiment. The authors used a wiki to gather resources and ideas, inviting contributions from beyond the core team. Results of that experiment and lessons learned are also shared. The article writing history is available in the Connected Intelligence wiki at http://connectedintelligence.wikispaces.com

The authors acknowledge the contributions of those who signed into the wiki, and helped evolve our thinking."