A. Article Context - Roots- The Network

i. Nancy White conversation
ii. Introduction to Jo Murray
iii. Forming the article with Victoria & Kiki
iv. Inspired by WeAreSmarter (CCI and Metcalfe) deciding to test a wiki for our article collaboration
v. 20 year old roots in 1985 Viatel project at the Australian Caption Center

B. Industry Context: Article Backdrop

i. Impact of new technologies (social media) that often force new behavior for which people are unprepared in organizations not designed or structured to maximize the benefits of new technologies.
ii. Learning from watching organizations.
iii. Growing recognition of importance of organizational structures: Mobilizing Minds.

C. Article Themes

a.Impact of computing and the exponential power of networks at work in all organizations.- Making the case for what has changed
b. Our emerging understanding of how value is created through connecting intelligences, the tools such as network analysis that are assisting, and best examples e.g Innocentive.
c. What we learned using the wiki. Summary list of our 9 points.
d. Appendix. The personal network drawing exercise. .

D. Our Learning

What captured our attention: key learnings from the article writing process and content research.


  • Emergence - Good content does emerge as people participate
  • Attention - Someone does need to be paying attention to the wiki all the time.
  • Openess - Writing in a public mode reguires being open to diverse thoughts.


  • Reflection- reflecting her doctoral thesis topic


  • Energy
  • TIME
  • Tool limitations & how value is created between them

D. Open Discussion and Questions

Open the floor starting with questions gathered from reading and responding to Elluminate text comments while we talk.

E. Closing Reflections- Co-Authors