What is Collective Intelligence? How does it work to solve business challenges & create new opportunities?

Page inspired by KIN presentation 12/02/2009 http://www.ki-network.org/jm/index.php

MIT CCI- Tom Malone et al resources

Tom Malone, Sandy Pentland & Karim Lakhani Discussion- Video 2007
http://mitworld.mit.edu/video/494 MIT Media Lab forum


1. Goldcorp- Dan Tapscott, Wikinomics - Eric Schmidt interviews Dan Tapscott at Google
Goldcorp example- Peering- Opens corporations boundary- Shares IP- Acts globally-
Have to wrap head around doing something so radical
Doesn't buy idea if harness collaborative innovation that dumb things down. On contraire real talent emerges
Age of Participation. WSJ article re Viacom- threatening to job losses.
YouTube a new distribution channel. Not going to beat it. Do a deal.
Leaders of old paradigms have hardest time adjusting. Vested interests oppose change.

2. Working Wikily - Monitor Group Social Change Group Blog http://www.workingwikily.com/
"Network tools and approaches are creating new opportunities for powerful social impact. Social innovators are pioneering the art of working wikily, embracing openness, transparency, and decentralization".