This page to capture how "connected intelligence" evolved along with the technology from Ethernet through today.

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1973 Xerox PARC - Dr. Robert Metcalfe invents computer networking protocol Ethernet

‘…the local area networking (LAN) technology that turns PCs into communication tools by linking them together (Mitchell 2001:3). A technology that ‘…would be used to link together more than fifty million Personal Computers (PCs) worldwide’ (Mitchell 2001:3) and fundamentally impact the way people work, learn and operate within organisations.
Ethernet’s origins date to Xerox PARC, 1973 with a memo Metcalfe sent to his bosses (Mitchell 2001). Metcalfe and his assistant David Boggs worked together to link computers using coaxial cable and implement an algorithm for data transfer across those cables (Metcalfe 2006a; Metcalfe & Boggs 1976).

Extracted from Ambrozek, Axelrod & Mulliner 2007