We were struck during our article research by the number of defence industry examples contributed and stumbled upon.
When one looks back and considers development of the Internet was significantly defence industry supported..

Folowing are a range of articles embodying dimensions of "connecting intelligence".

New Yorker article to which John D. Smith alerted us

Patti Anklam's DIA article on use of organiizatinal network analysis

Collaboratively created Army Handbook
The Evolution and Importance of Army/Marine Corps Field Manual 3-24, Counterinsurgency by Lt. Colonel John A. Nagl

See meeting with Dave Weinberger, Euan Semple and Doc Searls and the military about using social media to widen net around terror activity.

Also reference for

NYTimes cover story on US defense industry reaching out to amateurs to solve problems

Cover photo a a garagista research who created gloves for NASA