Putting Connected Intelligence to the Test: Results of our Wiki Writing Experiment

As this article addresses connected intelligence, it seemed appropriate to test the use of collaborative tools to connect the authors during writing. A wiki was selected.

Wiki History

The Connected Intelligence wiki http://connectedintelligence.wikispaces.com/
was created March 31, 2007. Wikispaces was used as two of the authors had previous experience posting material to their Networked Organizations wiki http://networkedorganizations.wikispaces.com/

Activity Statistics

ConnectedIntelligence wiki statistics http://connectedintelligence.wikispaces.com/space/stats/overview/2007
reveal that between March 31, and time of writing, July 7, 2007, a 14-week period,
33 Pages were created. Change statistics are only available for the last month during which 144 changes were made.16 people became members, 13 in addition to the core authoring team. The majority, 11, arrived in the last 4 weeks as author activity and communications around the topic increased as the article deadline approached.
(graphs omitted)
What the graphs do not indicate, but what fellow online space facilitators know, is activity begets activity. As the authors became more active with the approaching deadline, participation spiked.

The graphs also do not reveal what was happening behind the scenes to seek outside contributions. While we did not keep records of outreach and communications there was a flow of interactions between the three authors, as dyads and triads, mostly email but also phone calls. In addition individual emails were written to people in the co-authors’ networks deemed potential contributors, seeking insights and participation. Email responses were received from most but not all invitations. Some yielded approved quotes and references, some of which were added to the wiki by a co-author.

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From "Learning Through Participation and Connecting Intelligences: Experimenting with a Wiki to Co-create an Article:
Submission to Knowledge Tree eJournal 2007 by Jenny Ambrozek, Victoria Axelrod & Kiki Mulliner